Monday, 6 September 2010

Tuesday 31st August our last day

I have asked everybody to post an opinion on the last day which I will edit together and post as soon as I can - I hope Paul is well enough to pen a view from the Clubs perspective (his knee is really bad and a replacement is being muted) Neil I hope is going to give us a view through the camera mans lens so to speak - I think I speak for all of us when I say that this was an experience of a lifetime and a very humbling one at that - I for one will be back - I have fallen for the place - it takes a few days to realise that these are some of the best people in the world - I am well and truly humbled - hats off to Tony Griffiths who I feel sure back in 2003 did not see this coming has managed to achieve a minor miracle I am very very proud to have played a small part in it and bring his plans to fruition - the story continues....................................

ps --- you need to go through a few pages now to get the updates as there have been so many over the last few days to get a true picture of the story to date

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  1. ARGH! Talk about leaving us on a cliff hanger!! 'mon! Get writing! :P

    Seriously - this should be published as a book when you're back and settled! Any profit could go to the cause - and there are plenty of experienced Blue authors who would probably help.