Tuesday, 14 September 2010

sorry its been a couple of days

But I am knackered - what with the trip - trying to get ALL my pupils through and getting ready for the Spain move with boot sales - trailers - organising etc etc - I just do not have enough hours in a day - but here we go - my take on the whole thing

I do not believe in chance encounters - ergo - Tony and Armani were meant to meet

From selling watches and sunglasses on a beach do giant Oak trees grow or more apt Cotton trees

Blues amaze me - they are the salt of the Earth I am one always was always will be - but they still amaze me in fact I amaze me - I do not understand me or blues but just feel the connection

The trip - Lakey what a gent a better ambassador you could not have - Neil another gent and a great photographer wait till you see the CityTv stuff and the BBC - Tony yet another he started it and was like DAD out there a gem - Howard yet another his organisational skills did not go amiss - and of course Alex who can't help but make friends wherever he goes - then we have Armani and all the players and supporters what a crowd they make lovable people and so humbling .They say a team is only as good as its component parts - we had all the right parts

Manchester airport and meeting all together for the first time - that journey delayed for hours stopping in Malaga - the helicopter- not sleeping - the odd nightcap - Armani - Ibrahim who would become the bus driver - red tape - African time TIA - the schools - the glasses - helping Aberdeen - the radio broadcasts with the lads - the sights - the sounds - the smells -Annie the mad Prof - Rick Shearn - Ray Anderson all great people who helped our cause - the welcome in Armani's community and by his family - watching the game in the "cinema" - our MINDERS - the poverty - the politeness - the frustration at times - the Johanson's great people - watching both teams play and train - Lakeys pep talk - kids running up a hill - a certain toilet - lollies - the joy on peoples faces - City till I die everywhere - the staff at the hotel and the Sierra Lighthouse and Country Lodge - the "police" on the beach road - a child's story - feeling welcome - being ripped off - the gratitude - the love - the place - the guys - everything about this trip was right and felt so

I was humbled, grateful and thankful - I will go back someday - the generous Blues who made this all possible - the Club please lets not forget the gigantic role they played in all of this without YOUR club this would not have been possible - this was my 15 mins I just hope when you get yours its as good as mine was - I hate interviews and being filmed so you won't see too much of me when that comes out but this is not about me or any of the others on the trip this is about MCFC Sierra Leone and a man called Armani a rock a giant in his community a very very determined guy - in short I loved the place the people the country

Thanks to all who in any way no matter how small made this miracle happen - it was a honour to play a small part in a big thing

Thank you blues "you made my day "
Pic the "boys" Neil was off getting his pulitzer I think - I can't find 1 photo with all six of us

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  1. Have you met yourself coming back yet? ;)

    Don't forget to include yourself in those that made the miracle happen! I know how much you have put into this and am so delighted at the outcome.

    Plenty of food for thought for you when you laze on that Spanish beach - like you're ever going to just laze!

    Really well done - be very proud of yourselves for making a dream come true for Armani and the gang.

    And I echo your sentiments about our wonderful club - proud to be a Blue, thanks MCFC.