Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I Know he won't mind

Just got an e mail from Tony

Just had a conversation with a very excited Armani. He has just finished distributing all the kit etc. Said it was a difficult task but has now been done so successfully. He said that the whole of Freetown has gone Man City mad and everywhere the bus goes people gather round.

When we spoke he was driving to various venues to drum up business for the bus. Armani passed the phone to Ibrahim and he sounded very happy.

The team arrived at a match the other day in it the players got off in their tracksuits, but he has told them that they have to make their own way back after the game so as not to dirty the bus. Wonder how that would sit with our players???

The mirror is fitted and more photos on the way.

PS the team have played 2 won 2 since we left.

Armani and Ibrahim send their best wishes to all.


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  1. Haha - can you imagine our players making their own way back from games? :D
    Wish they had a camcorder to show us - just reading about it gives you a buzz, doesn't it? :)