Saturday, 4 September 2010

Amazing news

After arriving back from our 1,000,000 meal and having been awake since 5am I still could not sleep and was not alone - with all the events of the day and indeed the preceding days spinning in my head - so we opted for the duty free by the pool as a nightcap so Mr Morgan and thin coke was the order of the day - so imagine our surprise when at 2am Tony gets a phone call from Armani who has been informed by a friend of his who works on the dock our cargo ship has arrived and is due to be unloaded the next morning at 10am - so another early start as it takes at least an hour to cross town to the docks so off to bed and down the docks in a few hours can't wait .......................................
pic is of a slogan all over freetown - you work it out - bit of lighthearted fun as at this time we were elated

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  1. Fantastic news!
    This blog is like a soap opera - and the suspense in between entries kills me ;)