Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sunday 29th afternoon

We were invited to Armani's home on the way there we met Ibrahim's Mother who works in the only shop in the community (Ibrahim and his Mum in Photo)

When we arrived at Armani's we were shown his room where he his son Tony (2 yrs named after Tony Griffiths) and his partner all live and up until recently his brother and mother also lived in this one room (see pic - Armani has tears in his eyes because Paul had visited his room) although thankfully they now have another room - The room is very organised - it has to be - and very clean and tidy - but nobody should be forced to live like this - there are 11 families living in this one building with a shared kitchen and toilet similar to the pic shown earlier so not theRitz - the football kits that were being worn the day before we all laid out on the roof of a building to dry (see pic) - but how did they put them there ?

We met Armani's family including his Mother who thanks us "next to God" and made a great speech - two little girls sang for us (see pic) and we shared rice and beer with the whole family - this was truly a humbling experience and I am welling up whilst I write this - those with nothing were giving what they had to make us feel welcome - the rice came with a dish I can't remember it's name but its made from cassava leaves - this is what they eat everyday for all meals BUT just as a treat for the "visitors" this had some meat and fish in which is not normally the case. I came away thinking I just wish everybody who complains in the UK about how they live, eat and survive should see this and this is not the worst area I might add - I also vowed I would do something about it to myself.

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