Monday, 6 September 2010

Our busy schedule continues

After going to Sightsavers with the glasses we were pushed for time - Neil needed to do some interviews and there was another game to go to the MCFC SL Youth team were playing in a tournament we needed to attend so we split up as we only had limited time left - Neil Paul and Howard went back to the hotel with our driver - Tony Alex Armani and myself headed for somthing to eat "200 yards away" in Tony's words more like a mile in mine - then Armani goes to change money for us whilst we eat then off to the game - where our poor driver would lift us and take us back to the hotel in time we hope - we were in for a treat - but we were in a tight time frame and had to be back at the hotel in time to be taken to dinner in the house of Isha Johansen - but more on that by Howard soon

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