Thursday, 2 September 2010

Saturday 28th afternnon

This was the day arranged to see Man City S.L. play the B Strikers - we arrived early to do some filming and interviews the biggest talking point was the pitch with its holes - ruts - mini rivers - rocks and even glass all part of the playing surface Lakey it particular was appauled as the state of the playing conditions. As the time for KO drew closer more and more people arrived to watch the game which because it was a friendly was free to watch - but it was also raining which kept down the crowd a wee bit - but I would estimate maybe 1500 came to watch and meet Paul and the rest of us.

The game itself was a good keenly fought contest with some great skills on display - the B Strikers coming out on top by a single goal - we were all asking the question just how much better could it have been if the conditions were even just at Sat Park Football level - a few players stuck out and Paul gave an award to the two number 10's as MOTM - the No 10 for City was Issac a great player who recieved a City training shirt

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