Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday Aug 30th Youth team game

We arrive in a taxi about 4.15pm - the car is mobbed to see the guys from Manchester coming to see their beloved team who happens to bear the same name as theirs - we are invited to the "changing rooms" which is merely a shed with chickens running around this is where the kitman lays out the kit on the floor - the team is announced - they eat rice - get changed - and hold prayers for victory - this was truly a humbling experience - will post pics separately in next post - we then went a few hundred yards up the "road" to watch the teams line up outside the "stadium" on the road MCFC were playing Real Madrid - I kid you not - whilst the teams are lined up facing each other and the referee is walking down the lines a car drives through the middle only in SL - we then enter the stadium to applause and general fan mania - what have we done to deserve this goes through my head we should be applauding these people - we take up our seats and our minder produces an umbrella to shade us from the heat - everybody is calling us Sir - the pitch is square - they just make a pitch fit the available ground the commentators are screaming - and this is a junior match they have more enthusiasm in their little fingers than I have in my whole body - its a sell out at least 1500 and maybe 2000 there at 1000 Leone a head (17p) - we have supporters dancing in front of us etc - the touch and by lines are when the ball hits a supporter its out - this is dynamite - by half time MCFC SL are 2-0 down and we have to leave which was not an easy task - our dutiful driver was there to whisk us back - but ohh my god what a journey it took us almost two hours to get back to the hotel where the others were waiting patiently to go to the meal - we find out later MCFC SL come back to 2-3 then 3-3 and lose to a last min penalty 4-3 but go through to the next stage finishing 2nd in the group (we seemed to be an unlucky charm at games) - this is why I am a football fan - this is what is missing in the premiership - unconditional backing and faith in YOUR team - I had tears in my eye as I remember I used to be like this -to say I was emotional would be an understatement...................

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