Monday, 28 February 2011

as promissed from the prof - she is the good looking one

and what about this for an e mail from the mad prof

Hi all and greetings from the Barmoi!

Drinks by the pool aren't the same without you.

I am writing to tell you how wonderful Armani and his driver have been all week - it has been a great experience. I hired the bus Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to transport conference participants from the Barmoi to the Special Court. On Wednesday we started by driving the bus up to meet the First Lady at the Presidential Lodge and then into town to go to the market. On Sunday, Armani is taking some of us to Beach #2. More than that, though, is that Armani has been very professional, generous and helpful. He has been working really hard to do whatever is asked of him - some things i did not know about until he showed up with perfume and sunglasses to sell to my colleagues from Uganda or Rwanda! He is very entrepreneurial while also fair. Well, you know all this already but I wanted to reinforce it. And when I am walking around with Armani he is greeted all the time, like a local hero. So cool. On Thursday after the opening day we had a reception here at the hotel so Armani also had a chance to show off some of his dance moves by the lower pool! I think I can say that he had a good time.

Armani gave me a copy of the MCSL cd and I may try and burn some copies. And he and I are going to send you photos of the women's rights activists in front of the MCSL bus. Talk about community outreach, Paul! (here is the conference link )

hugs from here,

more great news

MCFC SL has been asked to play the first game of the season at the National Stadium this is an unheard of honour for a second div side - and is in recognition of the work done by Armani and his team - and also for letting the National Team use the bus - we are getting noticed guys - keep the money coming in BTW

Cheers Phil