Thursday, 9 September 2010


Well I have been waiting to write my feelings about this adventure until the bus and its contents were safely out of the docks and in the hands of the right people, that has just happened.

When I first met Armani in December 2003 I sensed that he was different to most people I had met there, but just how special he was I did not realise. Since our first meeting he has never ceased to amaze me with his drive and determination in the cause of City. I am glad I met him and was able to start the City ball rolling because one day I suspect someone would have realised his potential and, who knows there may have been a bus riding round Freetown with Accrington Stanley or Hamilton Academicals or similar written on it……….well it’s possible, ………….in theory.

Little did I think then that 6 ½ years down the line we would be in a position we are in now. The fact that MCFC has supported our efforts has made a massive difference and the fact that Paul Lake came on the trip with us has raised the profile of our efforts tremendously, and what an ambassador he was out there.

I have to admit feeling a little nervous at the start of our trip. I had been there 13 times before and was assuring the others that, whilst the trip would be hard work and somewhat chaotic, they would be safe out there and that they would be made most welcome. With the exception of the fact that the ship was 5 days late we could not have expected anything more on our visit. I never had any doubts or concerns about the ability of the guys on the trip to do anything other than to work hard to promote the good name of Man City, and that’s exactly what they did. I can tell you now that we left the country with a great impression of Man City and it’s supporters.

I do not propose to talk about my impressions of the country as things were not new to me and have been very well covered by others. What I would say is that the visit made me so proud to support my club, in fact I have always been proud to support the blues, but this project has taken my pride to new levels. Our football club is on the verge of greatness and I am so happy that, with the right people holding the rudder, it is taking its supporters with it on the adventures ahead.

Thanks to everyone on the trip but more importantly thanks to everyone who has made it possible from the smallest donation upwards after all we were only representing you out there. We need to keep the donations coming because there is still all lot of money to be paid for the bus.

I know you can do it blues.

Tony Griffiths
PIC - exhausted waiting at the speedboat dock on the way home

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  1. An excellent job, well done. I'm a believer in fate and just look what you've achieved from that meeting with Armani all those years ago :) I expect it's pretty unbelievable at the moment but you've certainly made a difference in many lives so sit back, believe, relive, enjoy, and be proud.