Monday, 8 July 2013

update and e mail from Armani

from Armani yesterday

I will like to say thanks to all my friends and Manchester City Fans world wide that have stand by me in this difficult time in my life.

As when we spoke on the phone you know that I have some relief as I was nervous before I went to court.

I hope justice will prevail as let the truth come out so that the world will know the truth.

Once more I will like to say special thanks to you all from the bottom of my heart as you give me confidence, when I know the justice system out here I hope justice prevail.

Best regards to you all
Armani in Sierra Leone

Monies update - we have raised £1.365 to date of which we have spent £500 and Armanis lawyer and trial expenses - leaving £865 we are keeping this back in case we need a barrister for an appeal which would cost in the region of £2.000 so we would be short by £1.035 BUT we are hoping and praying of course we do not need a barrister - so would then be in a position to give extra monies to the MCFC community in SL