Thursday, 2 September 2010

Saturday 28th evening

10pm Paul, Howard, Armani and I live on Premier Sport Radio. Freetown traffic being Freetown traffic got to the studio with about 2 minutes to spare and straight into it. The calls into the studio were coming thick and fast and many were from people wanting to know how they could join the City Supporters Club in Sierra Leone. A couple of calls spoke of changing their allegiance to Man City because of what was going on and many callers were interested in Paul’s career. His answers were suitable modest and so I took the mike and told the listeners just how good he really was.
(Neil Cole was filming the show and he paid me in Leones on behalf of Paul because Paul was then tied up answering another call live on air, I think it was Ian Cheesman calling the show to ask when Paul would be back for Blue Tuesday.)

Anyway another successful mission accomplished. When we got back to the hotel the bar was shut and the guys pretended they had not brought us some beers before it closed. I know Phil Holme better than that so he had to get the ice bucket with the beers in from under that table.

Tony Griffiths

Alex and I stayed at the hotel as the studio was too small to accomodate all of us - we had good company though with the mad Prof from Canada whom we had all met and liked - she is nothing like any Prof I had ever met before so if you are reading Annie it was a pleasure to meet you and so say all of us

Pic inside the studio

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  1. Excellent stuff chaps - it sounds like a whirlwind of a visit. Really enjoying the blog too - you make us feel included in something fantastic. :)