Saturday, 4 September 2010

Sunday 29th Morning

Up with the birds very early - Neil wanted to get some GV's (I'm into cameraspeak now = general views) So along with Lakey our driver Ibrahim and myself - we set off to find relevent road signs - advertising for footie games etc along with the cotton tree where it is reported that 500,000 bats live - we got some really good footage and Neil appointed me chief spotter and I got a "legend" it takes 7 so I am told to be a true legend but I think he was making it up as he went along - at one point we learnt what a strawberry filter is - if you are being filmed and someone says this don't hold your breath on seeing the finished article

When we went to film the tree it was near an army base and the Presidents place so we could only point the camera in one direction - even after my "bribe" of a City badge Neil still got the wagging finger when he swung the camera round so we thought it best not to annoy them and just filmed the tree - when we got back we had breakfast with the other lads and then set off for a visit to Armani's home before going on to the "cinema" to watch the City v Sunderland game
Image is of the cotton tree
you may have to go a few pages to get the whole story now as its coming thick and fast

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