Saturday, 28 August 2010


Well we arrived in our hotel (Barmoi) at 4:00am shattered to say the very least but non-the less excited to what the day will bring us.

We had about 3 hours sleep, if you can call it that in this heat, and we met with Armani at our hotel at 7.30am. After much hugging and back slapping he informed us that the ship was delayed and was expected on Saturday… as I always say there’s never any problems just opportunities….

Armani arranged for a driver (Brian) to take us to watch the Teams train, which they do five times a week and Paul will give you more details on this later. I do a lot of driving but I’ve never seen anything like this and Brian was amazing. We then went to see the insurance company and arranged the necessary cover for the mini bus and Armani then took us to a “cinema” where we will be watching the Sunderland game on Sunday with the rest of the Teams and local City fans.

Back at the hotel we had a meeting over a couple of cold beers to rearrange our itinerary which we’ll update you on later.


Howard Burr

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