Friday, 13 August 2010


As most of you who read this blog on a regular basis will know, on Wednesday 25th August myself (Howard Burr) and 5 colleagues, Tony Griffiths (Reddish), Alex Channon (Swinton), Phil Holme (Portadown), Paul Lake (MCFC) and Neil Cole (MCFC - Endemol) will be travelling to Sierra Leone to handover the mini coach and distribute the football kit and equipment donated by City fans to Armani and his a community.

We are also taking some educational equipment for use in schools and one thing we are desperately short of is spectacles of all sizes and strengths.

If you have any spare or old pairs of glasses that are no longer in use would you please bring them to the Reddish Blues Branch Meeting on Tuesday 17th August and we will ensure they are given to people who need them but cannot obtain them in Sierra Leone.
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  1. I have at least 10 pairs - tony has two carrier bags full - there is th ecllection at the ground - I maybe have more to pick up - thats without Alex and anybody else -do we have enough luggage capacity to take much more ?

  2. I posted it on a couple of City sites asking people to bring their glasses to the Liverpool game. A couple have indicated that they will and another has offered to post on a couple of Liverpool sites too :)