Monday, 16 August 2010

Getting exited now

Not felt like this about a trip since I was a little kid feeling giddie going on holiday - I have been planning and packing for the last 2/3 weeks - normally its the night before throw the socks and undies along with the smelies and leave for the match - this time is so much different - not to put to fine a point on it we are going as your representatives and City's - to change peoples lives forever - and maybe save a few - this is leaving a big impression on me and those that know me - know I am not easily impressed and take all in my stride - I as all the guys going do take this responsibility very seriously - we will not let you down if if that means being tea total for a while (well maybe) - I am finding it very difficult to express how I feel about this (as you may have gathered from my ramblings) - never felt like this before - WE - YOU and I am going to make a difference - thats all that matters - that one I did not see coming - thanks again to all who have donated and supported us in any way



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