Saturday, 28 August 2010

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Well what a day today. It seems like one step forward two steps back. The main problem is that we visited the shipping line to make sure everything was in place only to be told that the ship itself is in Conacry, Guinea. It seems that the harbour there is being dregged and the ship containing our precious cargo may arrive here on Sunday or Monday, talk about cutting it fine.

Then a big blow, we were at the shipping lines offices in Freetown and were given an estimate of the duty payable which was way and above the original amount we were quoted. Then we were told it had to be cash. No problem in the UK, just go into a bank and pay it. It doesn’t work like that here and we have spent a lot of time on emails and phone calls trying to arrange it. To my wife Liz, thanks for all the hours you put into trying to make the arrangements with Western Union Cash transfer all to no avail.

We did have one success we got the bus insured after a lot of negotiations with the insurance company and we proudly held the certificate high. Things go very slowly here but everywhere we go people shout “Man City till I Die” and that helps us cope with out frustrations and disappointments.

Got back to the hotel where we dropped with exhaustion before going out for a meal and debriefed the day.

Watch this space, we are now hoping for 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

Tony Griffiths

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  1. Agh! Fingers, toes and everything else crossed!