Sunday, 10 October 2010

Extracts from an e mail

I was under the influence but it came from the heart so here we go - talking about the release of the first instalment of the video

I have to be honest - I have watched it about 20 times so far - I used to watch other peoples efforts at various appeals and think why can I not do something like that - na I am not capeable would be the response in my mind - I felt my life was a waste as I could not help others and make a difference and used to well up at these heartfelt stories - I always wanted to do that one thing that made that difference but never had the balls nor opportunity - then SL comes along and I jump on the bandwagon - BUT until today watching that video I did not realise that I had actually made a difference - and it feels good and I am more emotional now than ever I was in the build up or whilst we were there - I know Neil probably thinks me a pratt - do not interview me - film me etc - but that is not me I work in the background - the team was brilliant as Howard said its takes all sorts of skills to make a team and we had them all without a doubt - mine was not in front of the camera - but I can assure all that Howard Tony Paul Garry were made for it as Neil was to be behind it - Also the scene with Alex washing the bus god I wish that was me I want to be that humble - I love the whole thing and wish I was back there right now - I hate the fact I will miss Armani next month - but as I always said this is not about me - This is about a giant of a man called Armani and his mentor Tony - I want to put on record my eternal thanks to them both for letting this dickhead get involved and letting me feel like I have eventually made a very small difference in this world - - The trip itself was awsome - I feel sure that both Paul and Neil did not know what to expect from ordinary fans at the outset - I feel they now know us and like to think that they could do worse - I feel we all bonded and made a lasting and permanent friendship - this may be a crass e mail - it may not be ? Neil is now saying why the fook could this guy not open up whilst we were there ? - There are many many reasons why we are the people we are - I am just glad the people I was with on this adventure were the people they are - end of - I have made friends and at last I have made a difference if only by accident or association - I love every one of you to bits - I am truly humbled by all of your efforts - and I feel sure as a team we made an massive impact


  1. You big softie :)
    You are a HUGE part in many people's lives and I for one am proud to call you a friend Mr!
    Love you.And I love what you all achieved and continue to achieve.
    Lift that head!

  2. I can't stop crying FFS - the videos the comments - I am supposed to be a "hard man" not in the literal sense - I love what has happened and I love the fact that I was involved - my one regret is not letting Neil get closer and interview / film more - not for me but for the feelings to come out - everyone keeps saying we are proud of you - proud to be blue etc - in fact its the other way rfound I AM PROUD TO BE BLUE AND PROUD THAT YOU ALL HELPED US TO OUR GOAL - WITHOUT EVERYONES HELP THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED - AND MOST OF ALL THE CLUB WITHOUT THEM IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN A FEW MORE YEARS AT LEAST