Saturday, 24 July 2010

since I left for spain

Hazel grove have donated £90 thanks so much guys

dramatic stuff the guys have had the bus delivered - we have arranged the trip to SL to deliver said bus and it has been liveried - I have pics but am not at liberty for the next few days to post any but very soon - more exciting that the new kit I promise you - we still owe monies tho' please please keep giving - the best team and fans in ALL the world - there will also be a blog network permitting when we go to SL to deliver the bus - the BBC are covering the story as is Endermol and $ky etc etc - get geared up for a roller coaster of a ride and buy an extra box of kleenex towards the end of August you will need it I promise - special thanks to Paul L you know who you are and what you have done Brilliant my man

All this goes to prove that all City / football fans are not typecaste and when like minds are applied mountains can be moved


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