Thursday, 8 July 2010


Since I last wrote we were contacted by the club who thought this a great idea - we had a meeting with Garry Cooke who was really impressed and asked could the club get involved in helping us raise the monies to make this happen - Paul Lake (yes the Paul Lake) was given the task of liasing with us and helping raise enough - this happened a while ago but we could not say anything until we knew what was going to happen so sorry for the wait - As we know this started out as a CSA venture BUT through this appeal and talking to the OSC and the club - It was decided by a landslide to unite the two supporters clubs again into one - the first meeting of the new Manchester City Supporters Club took place on Sunday 4th July - where Tony gave a talk on Sierra Leone which was well recieved - so this is now truly a fund raising effort by ALL City fans under the new banner.

The fund raising continues and all donations are more than gratefully recieved - they are life changing and life saving so thanks and keep it rolling in.

When Garry Cooke got involved he set a deadline for the delivery of the bus and I am pleased to say that we are on target for that delivery on the 16th August (I might add here that although the bus is now purchsed we owe monies so need to keep collecting)

The bus is as I type on its way to Liverpool we expect it to arrive next week and be liveried up with all the logos including the new MCFC supporters club logo - it will then be shipped to Sierra Leone where Tony Griffiths, Howard Burr, Alex Channon, Paul Lake and possibly other representatives from the Football Club and myself will be there to meet it and deliver to MCFC Sierra Leone and Armani - this is the culmination of a lot of effort and hard work by so many people and it continues - just tonight Tony and Howard were at a supporters club meeting of the Poynton Branch giving "the talk" which was very well recieved and there were donations of City shirts and a collection made - both Tony and Howard have asked me to say that they are available to give "the talk" to your supporters club - you will not be dissapointed its a great story it really is.

We cant thank the Club enough in particular Garry Cooke and Paul Lake - but everyone has been fantastic - we had kit donated - the web site will follow our trip to deliver the bus - there are too many to mention but our heartfelt thanks goes to EVERYONE who has been involved in helping or donatiing in anyway whatever - without you it would not have happened - but please remember the appeal goes on we need enough to clear the bus and taxes insurance etc - we also need kit donating preferably City stuff but any football realted gear including boots training gear balls nets anything that we cram into that conatainer.

City fans still amaze me after 49 years of following this club - please take a bow all you blues - maybe in my 50th year we might wi....... no I wont go there

City as a club were always fan friendly and went the extra mile for the fans and families - when we were taken by over there were those who thought here we go another rags or chelski etc - I am here to tell you - the heart of Man City is is great shape and if anything is going to get even more fan friendly esp with the unification - I am proud of my football club - how many can say that in this day and age long may it continue CTID thankyou Sheikh Mansour

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