Thursday, 10 September 2009

time to step up to the plate

probably not get another chance before the game on sat to thank all who have encouraged me and driven me on in this as I need to fly over on Fri night right after work - BUT - not just me the CSA - Tony Alex David Howard Gary - The Club are really bending over backwards to help which is great - I cant thank them enough for what they are doing this weekend and beyond - its just caught everyones imagination - also on that front Howard will be in Carrington next week for a Photo op with the Manager / Players to promote the cause - again a great gesture by the club - those to thank are numerous but special thanks to Lorraine, Vicky, Garry, Chris, and ESP Rosie as I have her seat for the game but not for that reason - She has been great - I have made mistakes along the way and these people have guided me along the way before I could damage the cause after all I am just a football fan not an itellectual - also thanks to all the guys n gals who will man the buckets on Sat - on that note we will meet in the Townley from 11am - we will leave the townley at about 12.30 to meet the club reps at 12.45 - then start collecting at 1.00pm - if you cant make the Townley then text e mail phone whatever me and will make other arrangements for you - seems this is the beggining and not the end of this campaign - as it will be on the Official site as a link to an auction for signed memrabilia etc etc -

On the publicity front - we hope its in the MEN Friday night - one of us will be on the Mark Saggers (sp) show on Friday night (talksport) maybe the Indy and Guardian on Sat morning its in the prog on Sat - A really really helpful guy who I will name if he says ok has done all the PR FREE and maybe has inroads into Vauxhall - I wait with baited breath - Unlucky me has now found a seat in level 1 west stand so look out for me plus Tont and Alex at half time we will be telling all about the appeal - but since I am crapping it expect more from them than me - there are buskers outside the ground on Sat please give them your full support as they will also be collecting for the cause

I did not realise until today what a brilliant job our Club do with charities etc etc Lorraine has 2000 calls e mails etc etc per month - 24,000 per year - so its not suprising to hear she is overworked and underpaid - I have only done this for a few months and am completley knackered - its a full time job almost - the Club from this experience are the bees knees guys and have helped me and the CSA to make this a success (I hope) - this is the less publacised side of our club - - please be proud of your club in this venture

I had tears in my eyes on Tuesday when Armani spoke on Blue Tuesday and I really hope so do you on Sat please give what you can - this is without doubt the most worthwhile cause to be collected for that I can recall at either ground in the last 49 years (as thats the time I have been going)

Been a very very busy day with e mails , phone calls etc etc flying around - I would not want to do this for a living its just too exhausting - I love Aramni to bits and the cause we are supporting and wish I could just write a cheque for the required amount but sadly I cant so I am relaint ON YOUR RESPONSE - on Sat - so please please give give give - its saves lives and enhances lives - I had no idea how much until I got involved in thsi - so you will just have to take my word for it this is the MOTHER of APPEALS - as Garry would say JUST DO IT- as I would say - GIVE US YER DOSH

This is a long and very heart felt post becuase I believe in the cause and I believe WE CAN MAKE A MASSIVE DIFFERENCE in Sierra Leone - we have but one chance please take that chance on Saturday

Love you all Phil

ps any spelling mistakes - grammer foo pahs etc etc I make no apology for as I am who I am and I am also under the influence of the white spirit

Thanks for reading NOW gime yer dosh

if I have time on the morrow before I leave I will post the talksport link etc etc

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