Thursday, 3 September 2009

great stuff

good news - the club are now backing this - we can collect both outside and INSIDE the ground - they are going to run an article in the match prog - also have a photo shoot with the manager / player with collection T Shirts on - interview at half time on big screen from the pitch (bit nervous about that) - and donate some signed merchandise to auction / raffle - + ongoing publicity and news in both the prog and the mag etc etc - the licence from the council arrived today - so things are looking up - I also recieved the first cq today for £20 from a kind soul - as a club the fans never cease to amaze me - we are the best fans on the planet when we want to be - all we need now is for some kind soul (noel liam curly victoria etc etc) to get the bug and make up the diffo between what we raise and the final cost - heres hoping ?

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