Thursday, 20 June 2013

From Armani Today

Fellow blues,

I will like to thanks all my friends and Manchester City fans world wild that have stand behind me in this trying and most difficult time in my life,as i was put in the central prison here for more than 60 hours after i was denial bail on my first hearing as i am now on bail i will return to court back on July 4.

I was moved and touch and have the courage  for all what i go through as blues all around the world show their support for me and i hope justice prevails.

If try to help my fellow youth who has great talent in football in my country with the help of MCFC and the City supporters club world wild,that have provide the team with a mini bus that pay 55 football team players and most of this players used their salaries to fund and education for them self i will like to see this team make it to the top flight in Sierra Leone football and exist after my death,so i am more determine to carry on.
Once more i will like to thanks you all for your supporters toward me and hope justice prevail and let the truth come out.
Thanks you all.
Armani in Sierra Leone.

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